Battery saving

  • Decide how frequent the phone should poll your location.
  • Decide how your locations are synced to Google Latitude
  • Disable location polling altogether for a certain period.

Background updates

  • No need to have Latify running in the front.
  • Once configured, push it to the background.
  • Just let it sync with Latitude without bothering you with it.

Location History

  • Visualize & replay your location history on a map
  • Remove incorrect / redundant history entries

Latitude Dashboard

  • Download your entire location history to your phone.
  • View your frequently visited locations in a dashboard.

Location sharing

  • Share your location via Twitter, Facebook, email or text message.

Latify Widgets

  • 3 elegant and simple to use widgets
  • Control key features straight from your homescreen.

Control location polling

  • Fine grained control how your location should be updated.
  • Easily switch your location polling profile.

Update Latitude when stationary

  • Keep your latitude history up-to-date at all times.
  • Re-publish your last known location at user-defined intervals.

Delayed Latitude Sync

  • Capture location changes in realtime, but don't sync to Google Latitude in realtime.
  • Push your location updates in one shot to Latitude (ex: when a WIFI connection is available)

Google Fusion Tables

  • Send your location changes to a Google Fusions Table in realtime.
  • Share your Fustion table with other non-Latify users

Live location tracking

  • Create a trip in Latify and upload your locations in real-time.
  • Share the trip with others so they can view it in real-time.

Tasker/Locale integration

  • Automatically switch polling profiles using Tasker based on various triggers
  • Automatically fine-tune the polling profiles using Tasker for certain conditions.

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