Tasker and Locale

Tasker and Locale

Everybody likes to automate things on their phone. The less we have to do from a users perspective the better.

In that respect, we've provided a nice integration with Tasker and Locale to enable auto-swtiching between profiles.

The Latify polling profiles screen is exposed as a Locale plugin, meaning you can pop the polling profile screen from within Tasker and Locale.

The idea is very simple. You setup whatever conditions you want to have in Tasker and Locale. You setup the polling profile in such a way that it reflects the settings you would like to see activated

In the example below, we'll setup 2 simple scenarios

  • A scenario for when we step into our car
    In this scenario, we would like to activate the GPS on our device, and switch Latify to the driving profile, making sure we get very frequent updates to record our trip.
  • A scenario for when we arrive home
    In this scenario. we would like to turn off the GPS on our device, and switch Latify to the home profile, where we'll only update our location every hour.

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